Services For Buyers

Home buyers face many decisions from the type of home, area of the city, budget, home inspector and financing options. Simply put, I can help you every step of the way. Finding the right home is not an easy undertaking. It requires an understanding of the client (their present expectations balanced with their future needs) and an understanding of the marketplace (expected growth or decline of the area).

Locating the right home is a challenge and obtaining a mortgage loan can be a complex and exhausting process. Working with an experienced professional who genuinely cares about what is best for you and your family is the best insurance you can buy during this emotional undertaking.

It is my commitment to work tirelessly to make the process of purchasing your home easier, as pleasant as possible, less time-consuming and ultimately less expensive than if you chose to undertake this journey on your own.

My attention to detail also results in my clients being introduced to sellers as preferred buyers, pre-approved and ready to purchase. This involves me locating and assessing properties on behalf of my clients and guiding them through the many details involved in the actual purchase.

Born and raised in Winnipeg I am very familiar with the current trends in the real estate market. My understanding of neighborhood values is second to none, so I can help you identify which properties are fairly-priced and in good condition before you start your search.

Your First Step

The first step in buying a home is the “Loan Pre-Qualification”. Ideally, a buyer will be pre-qualified with a financial institution or mortgage company before venturing into the buying process. This can be done in person, over the phone, or even online in a matter of minutes.

Call me and I will refer you to a mortgage professional that has an excellent reputation and track record for successfully acquiring loan approvals at the best possible rates for his/her clients.

Once you’ve been pre-approved and know what price range of the home you want to stay in, I can help you determine which properties fit your needs and use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to locate them.

Your Second Step

The second step in buying a home is the “Discovery Process”. This is when your real estate agent reviews the reasons why you want to buy a home?

  • First-time buyer: want to stop paying rent.
  • Growing family. Need more room.
  • Shrinking family. Looking to downsize.
  • Change of neighborhoods. Looking to move to another area of the city: different schools, amenities.
  • Fixer upper – handy-man special.
  • Investment property: properties as an investment to be rented out.

This is only a starting point as you will then need to write out the details of what your ideal home will consist of:

  • How much space do you need?
  • How many bedrooms would you like?
  • Home description: size of the garage, extra rooms, storage, separate dining room area, etc.
  • What neighborhood(s) are you considering?
  • Community services: access to school, community centre, convenience stores, etc.
  • Access to city services: Day care, library, entertainment.
  • Ask yourself how far is this location to my workplace and am I comfortable with the commute?

This is where an experienced real estate agent can prove her value. Buyers regularly outline desires that are not possible; Wanting a type of home that is not available in the area they would like that is within their budget.; Amenities they are asking for are simply not available in their desired neighborhood and so on. This discovery process allows the buyer to understand the limitations of the marketplace within the area they would like to purchase in.

Your Third Step

I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way…
We’re now ready to hit the pavement and see some properties. From property visits, home inspections and completing the details in placing an offer with all the necessary details… I am there from the first step to the last. I am committed to providing service that is second-to-none in the Winnipeg marketplace and look forward to making this process as easy as possible for all my clients.

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